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To produce powder with specific particle size and moisture content. Customizable to customer requirements.

Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer


•Type: Laboratory Spray Dryer.
•What is Spray Drying?
Spray Drying is a process of drying water solution,
emulsion or slurry to make soft agglomerate.
It is used in Ceramic Granulation, Pharma Industries,
Fertilizer Industries, Industrial Chemistry and Food
Industry. Spray Drying is used for preservation and
granulation of food, milk powder, detergents, dyes, etc.


•Quick Process.
•Quality Stainless Steel Body.
•Aesthetic Design.
•High Precision Double Fluid Nozzle.
•Calculated diameter and height for maximum utilization of slurry, depending on various customized applications.
•Adjustable Peristaltic Pump.

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