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To log and store data continuously as well as periodically using a predefined timer for inputs like Temperature, Pressure, Current, etc.

Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System


•Type: Data Logger
•Input: 24V, 4.5A
•14 Temperature Channels (9 RTD and 5 K-Type), 6
•Pressure Channels, 2 Dew Point Channels, 3 Mass Flow
•7 Solenoid Valves.
•3 Limbs of Voltage and Current.
•Sampling Frequency: Multiples of 500ms.
•Temperature Measuring Range: RTD- 0 to 250°C and KType-
•0 to 400°C.


•Fully Customisable Channels as per requirement.
•User Friendly Software on PC/ Laptop Customized to
•User requirement.
•Sensor Monitoring and Live Graph Plotting during
•ongoing process.
•Logged Data can be stored in a Database which can be
•printed or exported to PDF.
•Switching Operation using Relays
•Data is backed up automatically to MicroSD Card.

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