Metwiz Materials is a manufacturing company incubated out of SINE, IIT Bombay. The core team comprises of three IIT graduates and one professor, all from Materials Science. Metwiz Materials offers cost effective, reliable and high quality advanced Laboratory Instruments with Customized laboratory instruments as our expertise.Established in April 2016, Metwiz Materials is a dynamic research and innovation center that promotes “Make in India” manufacturing. We strive to identify problems, ideate solutions, create and innovate implementable solutions through practical applicability, tools, and research to solve real-world problems. Our vision is to be the Research Lab of India, where we Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy. In our endeavor to identify gaps and innovate, we wish to find solutions for industries in the field of laboratory Instruments,Customized manufacturing, robotics, MedTech Contact us for further enquiries.

Why Metwiz Materials

·         Customized solutions to your unique problems

·         Highly qualified technical team from IITs

·         Continuous innovative Research & Development

·         Collaboration with Premier institutions